JRB Venture Alliance is a catalyst company working with other entrepreneurs, business leaders, and market makers to create value in for our mutual interests via strategic partnering, joint ventures, mentorships, and referrals.

JRB Venture Alliance is involved in several industry sectors real estate, film, construction, publishing, technology, broadcast, service industries, to name a few.  JRB Venture Alliance has been featured on “Price of Business Radio” with Kevin Price, “The Word on Fearless Networking” with Ken Marsh, and EBC Broadcast as a featured guest on topics regarding raising capital, networking, business development, entity structure, and sales.

We are currently looking for ways to integrate interested parties into our existing portfolio of opportunities.  We are currently seeking leaders who wish to become entrepreneurs who are currently holding gainful employment, but seeking to grow into their own business.

If you are interested in receiving a phone call from one of our team leaders, please fill out the form below:

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