Professional Acting Lessons for Law Enforcement

20 09 2012

Want an opportunity to improve your undercover law enforcement skills?

Want to use your experiences in film or television?

I have been working with Joanna Sanchez for about a year and have come to appreciate her approach to not only teaching real actors, but also law enforcement officers.  Joanna has worked with myself as well as two other colleagues.

Joanna has been traveling to Texas from Hollywood to invest in our market and cultivate talent.

I have worked undercover and if I had known Joanna back in the day, her training would have saved me from many harrowing moments.

Joanna is conducting an introductory class just for law enforcement this Sunday 9.23.12 from 2PM to 4PM.  The cost is $75.  If you are interested in attending, please call her today at 310.801.2561 or e-mail:

Download this .pdf that explains the class dynamics:
Film Acting Seminar Private and Semi-Private – Law Enforcement

Please watch the information below and visit:

Please Watch this radio interview with Acting Coach Joanna Sanchez and James “Jim” R. Boy on KKHT Radio

Watch a behind the scenes video with Joanna and Jim.

Testimonial Video

Steve Garza, Former Homicide



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